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Iowa Four PAC Launches Digital Ad Campaign and Mail Blitz to Elect Randy Feenstra
SIOUX CITY, IA -- Iowa Four PAC today announced the launch of a new ad and an aggressive direct mail program throughout Iowa's 4th Congressional District in an effort to unseat Steve King.

Former Iowa State House Speaker Christopher Rants said, "4th District Iowans are speaking up and they want their voice back in Washington!" He continued, "In our continued effort to elect Randy Feenstra, the only effective conservative leader running, Iowa Four PAC is intensifying its efforts on the airwaves and in mailboxes, and we are hopeful to even further add to these efforts very soon."

Iowa Four PAC is launching a new digital ad reaching all corners of the 4th Congressional District. Iowa Four PAC is engaging in a substantial digital advertising campaign and is launching an expansive direct mail effort, targeting Republican Primary voters.

Rants continued, "I can’t remember a time when our district didn’t have a seat at the table in the Ag Committee - until now. Thanks to Steve King, our farmers no longer have a voice. It's time to elect a leader who speaks for us, and I'm encouraged to see so many conservative Iowa leaders rally behind Randy Feenstra to do just that."
“I condemn Rep. Steve King’s comments on white supremacy; they are offensive and racist - and not representative of our state of Iowa. We are a great nation and this divisiveness is hurting everyone. We cannot continue down this path if we want to continue to be a great nation”
Joni Ernst, Iowa Senator
“The people of the 4th District are good people and they deserve better representation than this...”
bob vander plaats, President and CEO of The FAMILY LEADER
“King’s comments are not conservative views but separate views that should be ridiculed at every turn possible.”
tim scott, Republican US Senator
“Whatever measure of influence or effectiveness King possessed in the House is, in our view, gone.”
Sioux City Journal
“This is the first time in 120 years that an Iowan hasn't been a member of the influential House committee.”
Des Moines Register
“Iowa, a leading ag state, no longer has a representative on a committee that's critically important to them.”
kirk leeds, CEO of the Iowa Soybean Association
"Steve King’s Bigotry Is the Antithesis of American Ideals"
Jonah Goldberg, National Review
House Republican leaders move to strip Rep. Steve King of his committee assignments over comments about white nationalism”
Washington Post
“Steve King Removed From Committee Assignments Over White Supremacy Remark”
new york times
“[Steve King's] rating on the Club's scorecard has steadily declined over the years. His top score was 100% in 2010. More recently...just 74% in 2017.”
club for growth